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Mozilla Firefox: In the "Tools" menu, select "Options" and in the "Privacy" tab (the browser gives you the option to choose not to be tracked at all or to remove individual cookies for each site).

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Opera: Use the "Opera" button in the upper left corner to open the menu and select "Settings" and then "Clear browsing history ..." (in addition to the ability to delete already set cookies, there is also a "Manage cookies" button. For more advanced options for individual sites).

Apple Safari: In the "Safari" menu, select "Preferences" and then the "Privacy" tab (there are a number of options for cookies).

W telefonach komórkowych, tabletach i innych urządzeniach mobilnych
Each phone model can handle this feature in a different way. Therefore, we encourage you to read the privacy options in the documentation on the manufacturer's website of your mobile device.